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Car Valeting

  1. Why use a Valeter?

    There are many reasons to use a professional valeter, for many people it is simply for ease and convenience, but there are also more fundamental reasons:

      Safeguarding Your Investment - A vehicle that is in good condition cosmetically, can be worth many hundreds and in some cases thousands of Euros more than one in poor condition.

     Protecting Your Vehicle - Regular washing is essential if you want to protect your car from the detrimental effects of UV, water, slush, tree sap, bird lime, pollution and general dirt and grime. This becomes even more important during winter when salt is added to the equation. By keeping your car clean, contaminants are less able to adhere to its surface and therefore less likely to have harmful long term effects.

     Technique and Chemicals - A professional valeter knows how to treat the bodywork of your vehicle without harming its finish. They know which chemicals and products can be used safely and effectively to remove dirt and grime, as well as having the right equipment for the job.


  2. What is the benefit of valeting?

    Aside from making your car look good, one of the primary benefits of having your car professionally valeted on a regular basis is that it significantly increases its re-sale value. A car that has been well looked after will fetch a greater sale price than one that has been clearly neglected. Put another way, it's quite likely that you will be able to recoup your valeting costs at the time of sale!  

  3. Why shouldn't I use an automatic car wash?

    Even the most effective and advanced automatic car wash will damage your car. They use detergents and chemicals which are harmful to the paintwork. It is likely they will accelerate the paintwork's ageing process and contribute to fading and oxidation. These overly strong chemicals are used to compensate for the inefficiency of the giant rollers. In addition to this, the rollers create thousands of tiny scratches in swirling patterns on your bodywork. The consequences of regular visits to an automatic car wash will certainly be realised when it comes to selling your car. We can undo some if not all of the damage to your vehicle with our paint correction service.

  4. How long will it take to valet my vehicle?

    That depends on the valet selected, but as rough guide you should allow:

    Car wash 15 - 30 mins.

    Mini Valet   1 – 1.5 Hrs

    Interior Valet   2 – 3 Hrs

    Full Valet   3.5 – 5 Hrs

    Luxury Valet 5 - 6.5Hrs

    3 Stage Polish  6 - 12 Hrs

    Permanent Odour Removal   30 mins

    Exterior Polish and Finish - 2 hours

    Exterior Compound, Polish and Finish - variable, depending on the vehicle


  5. Will my seats be wet after cleaning?

    They may be slightly damp, depending on the weather and condition of the seats prior to cleaning; we supply disposable seat covers and floor mats as part of the service, which allows you to use the vehicle if necessary.  In good weather, your seats should be completely dry within 2 - 3 hours.

  6. How often should I have my car polished?

    Most car manufacturers recommend that your car is polished every 10 weeks, this is dependent on many factors, including how often the vehicle is used, weather conditions, atmospheric pollutants etc and you may wish to have yours done more or less often than this.

  7. Do you offer a regular cleaning/maintenance service?

    Yes we do, we can offer regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning - further details are available on request.

  8. What do you need from me?

    Nothing - our van is fully equipped with water, generator and all necessary equipment.

  9. Can you clean the vehicle where it is?

    Mostly yes, unless its raining heavily or extremely windy - if suitable shelter isn't available then your booking may be rescheduled to another time at no extra charge to you.

  10. How much notice do you need for bookings?

    This is very much dependent on workload, we endeavour to fulfil bookings within 3 - 4 working days or less; on receipt of your booking we will contact you by phone or email to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

  11. What forms of payment do you accept?

    Cash, Bank transfer, Revolut, Apple pay, Visa and Master Card

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