Shark Shine

  Exclusive Mobile Car Valeting and Detailing

Boat Valeting

Boat valeting has the stereotype of throwing a bucket of shampoo over a boats exterior, sponging it off and having a quick hoover and dust of the inside of the boat; this however is not the case. There is much more to boat valeting than a quick clean. The Shark Shine company clean your boat then you should see that they specialise in bringing it up and keeping it to the highest standard.

Mini Exterior Valet: €6.50/feet
 - Basic Hand Wash
 - Drying
 - Glass and Chrome Cleaned

Full Ext. Valet: €10/feet
 - Hand wash and drying
 - Wax
 - Top hand polish
 - Glass cleaning and polishing in. and ext.
 - Fenders and canopy washed
 - Awning power washed and carpet cleaned
 - Plastics cleaned and dressed
 - Chrome polished

Full Interior Valet: €6.50/feet
 - Waste removing
 - Hoovering
 - Carpets shampooed
 - Plastics and woods cleaned and dressed
 - Deodorising.

Full Valet: €16/feet

 - Full Exterior & Full Interior

Machine Polishing €15/feet